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About RPT

RPT is an organisation that has been in existence in Malaysia since 1996. RPT is set up and headed by an extremely powerful living Siddha who has acquired all the miraculous abilities after following the profound Rajayoga pathway. RPT has earned a remarkable reputation for serving its purpose with excellence. In today’s era, the greatest Satguru, the living embodiment of spiritual truth, has come to the salvation of humanity, with the Holy Name of YOGA JNANA SITTHAR OM SRI RAJAYOGA GURU. This is the title of a Siddha given to Dato’ Sri V.Balakrishnan who is the founder of Rajayoga Power Trranscendental Meditation Society Malaysia and Singapore. His Divine Grace is also widely known as DATO’ SRI GURUJI.

In the one-day Yogic Empowerment seminars that are conducted by RPT, one is taught the art of holding pranic energy in a simplified manner to awaken the Yogic Power within, as in the Rajayoga pathway of Siddhas. One is then taught the Rajayoga meditation and various amazing techniques to utilize this Yogic Power to achieve great success, both materially and spiritually. From all over the world, people from all walks of life have attended the Yogic Empowerment seminars and have greatly benefitted from it. This includes the general public, professionals, students, entrepreneurs, performing artistes etc., from low socio-economic background right up to those in the very high-income bracket. Utilizing this Yogic Power, they are leading very successful lives.

In line with the notion that ‘Serving Humanity is Serving God’, RPT Meditation Society carries out various free social service works and acts of benevolence to benefit mankind. Under the patronage of Dato’ Sri Guruji, the President of RPT Meditation Society, and His Divine Grace’s Divine Consort, Yang Berbahagia Datin Sri Sundari, activities such as a blood donation campaign, annual free food distribution, aid for single mothers and needy students who performed excellently in the national exams, provision of basic materials and aid to old folks’ homes and orphanages have been carried out. Besides these, goodwill gestures in the form of donations have been made to various places of worship and schools. These social service activities are ongoing. Furthermore, members of the RPT Meditation Society also have taken it upon themselves to conduct free education seminars and free medical camps nationwide solely on humanitarian grounds to benefit society. Not only in Malaysia, members of the RPT Meditation Society residing overseas in places like Singapore, India, London, Australia and the USA, are also carrying out similar social service activities in their respective homelands.

The human condition requires more than material necessities or allurements for gratification. It requires an inner sense of purpose and the development of a spiritual link, which in essence exists within humanity but has been sidestepped for material attachments. The need of the hour is, for a Saviour to help humanity maintain a balanced life that is both blissful and blessed. This Saviour creates the link and gives the guidance to achieve the soul’s purpose in the completion of the human journey.

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A true living Siddha, having mastered the age-old secrets, is today actively teaching ordinary people how to harness the incredible power within them to achieve literally anything in life from material to spiritual success. This internationally-acclaimed true living Siddha, His Divine Grace (HDG) Yoga Jnana Sitthar Om Sri Rajayoga Guru, is indeed a blessing and salvation to mankind today. HDG, who hails from Malaysia, is also popularly known and fondly referred to as Dato’ Sri Guruji in the Asian region.

HDG’s spiritual history began at a tender age with the fervent desire to see God. Each day after school, HDG dedicated a lot of time to the worship of God, diligently engaging in prayers and religious practices in an attempt to fulfill this desire to realize God. At the initial stage itself, HDG developed inner intuition. As time went by, with the steadfast spiritual pursuit, HDG had the experience of an intense and amazing power within. This stirred a great yearning to get the Divine Vision of God. Henceforth, started HDG’s search for a spiritual master to help quench this yearning.

During this period in HDG’s life, HDG got married to Yang Berbahagia Datin Sri Sundari. Priorities had to be assessed. HDG needed to balance spiritual endeavours while providing family needs and wants, and could not ignore one in pursuit of the other. In such a situation, it was indeed a great blessing and comfort that Yang Berbahagia Datin Sri Sundari steadfastly supported HDG’s spiritual quest. HDG’s search for a true Master was a long and arduous one, fraught with numerous encounters with fraudulent masters.

Having endured all these unwanted encounters with false masters, HDG came upon a piece of advice based on Swami Ramakrishna Paramahamsa’s teachings, which stated, “If you pray devotedly to God with sincere intentions, then God Himself will lead you to a true Master.” Applying this advice with utmost determination, HDG’s ardent and intense prayers finally came to fruition. HDG met a great Yogi from India who taught HDG the necessary chanting and breathing techniques which would normally take years of practice to bear results. However, HDG experienced amazing practical results in just 6 weeks!

Despite acquiring such powers, HDG’s spiritual yearning was as intense as ever. Soon after, HDG became acquainted with a great Shivayogi from Rishikesh India, who foretold that HDG will teach people all over the world about the kundalini. With this revelation, the Shivayogi bestowed HDG with the name title of YOGA JNANA SITTHAR OM SRI RAJAYOGA GURU. Though HDG found this revelation baffling at that time, due to the prevailing circumstances, HDG persisted with the meditation techniques taught by the Shivayogi.

HDG used the techniques to enhance the quality of life. By fine-tuning the techniques through hard work and research, HDG used the techniques to solve problems pertaining to health, wealth, protection and studies. After an extensive duration of research, HDG taught the techniques to small groups of people. Inspired by the scale of benefits these techniques brought, Yang Berbahagia Datin Sri Sundari encouraged HDG to share this knowledge with everyone, including ladies, through formally conducted seminars. Through more intensive research, HDG simplified and perfected the techniques to make it suitable for people from all walks of life.

Hence began the RPT’s Yogic Power seminars by HDG, with the noble intention of enabling humanity to attain spiritual progress while leading a fulfilling worldly life. Based on experience and 27 years of research, HDG teaches meditation in a simplified yet powerful and effective manner for the busy 21st century man and woman. HDG imparts the art of holding pranic energy through pranayama techniques which are simple yet effective, without imposing severe restrictions. The practise of these techniques yields amazing benefits in terms of health, studies, finance and happiness. However, none of this would have been possible without the full cooperation, support, love, tolerance, understanding and assistance given sincerely by His Divine Grace’s Divine Consort, Yang Berbahagia Datin Sri Sundari.

In recognition of HDG’s outstanding achievements and contribution to society, HDG was awarded the Darjah Indera Mahkota Pahang (D.I.M.P.) award which carries the title Dato’, in 2004. The following year, HDG was awarded the Sri Sultan Ahmad Shah (S.S.A.P) award which carries the title Dato’ Sri.

Dato’ Sri Guruji’s work is also recognized internationally. In August 2014, HDG was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the International Tamil University (USA) for ‘Incomparable Contribution Towards the Spiritual Enhancement and Well-being of Mankind’. One of India’s international TV stations, ‘Makkal TV’, aired a weekly programme called ‘Nalam Tharum Yogam’ (The Benefits of Yoga) over a period of 52 weeks, featuring HDG as the main guest speaker. This channel has television coverage in many countries worldwide and is streamed live online. In recognition of HDG’s teachings held over a long period of time all over the world (Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, London and Singapore) which attracted a large number of participants, the Delhi Tamil Council in India awarded HDG with a prestigious international award which bestowed the title ‘Agila Ulaga Yoga Nyana Thiyana Payirchi Muthanmai Sitthar’ (The World’s Foremost Sitthar in the Practice of Yoga, Divine Wisdom and Meditation).

Dato’ Sri Guruji not only teaches people how to improve and develop themselves, HDG also teaches them to refrain from inflicting any harm upon another and, as far as possible, help those in need. In line with that notion of kinsman-ship, HDG set up the RPT Meditation Society Malaysia with the primary objective of carrying out social service work, acts of benevolence and charity. Through this society, participants of RPT seminars are encouraged to take part in activities that benefit the community in general.

RPT Meditation Society held a blood donation campaign in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia over a three-day duration in the year 2007. This activity by good Samaritans earned a place in the Malaysia Book of Records for the largest blood donation drive. Contributions have been made to various places of worship, schools and needy families. Deserving students who performed excellently in the national exams were rewarded with laptops. Medical camps are organized in needy areas, as and when required. Disaster relief support, medical aid, cash donation to relief funds, such as UNICEF, and the providing of basic materials are carried out too. An Annual Free Food Distribution has been organized on a massive scale catering for 60,000 people since 2006. These social service activities are on-going.

Today, there are several hundred thousand disciples all over the world, including from Malaysia, India, Singapore, Australia, Hungary, the United States of America and the United Kingdom, who are leading happy and contented worldly lives, while at the same time, are on the journey of spiritual self-realisation.